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5 must-have visbenodigdheden voor je boot

There are plenty of fishing supplies that complement your boat that is certainly worth picking up.

Here are five of our must-have fishing supplies for your boat:

20 oktober, 2022

Krijg grip op deze 5 bootladders en -grepen

Oceansouth carries a wide range of marine products and accessories, including sturdy and dependable boat ladders and grab handles. Check out our five great picks to pair with your beloved boat!

7 oktober, 2022

Accessoires die bootavonturen deze zomer comfortabeler maken

Summer is already here and you cannot wait to dust off that boat so you can get it back into the water for a bit of adventure. While you are busy preparing for your first water trip, you might want to look into doing a few upgrades that can make warm-weather boating adventures more comfortable.

30 september, 2022

Eerste vangst van de dag: 4 visbenodigdheden van Oceansouth

The excitement of days spent on the open waters catching fresh fish is made all the better with dependable, quality fishing essentials from Oceansouth.


Onze top 4 Roeispanen & peddels

Don’t be left up a creek and without a paddle – choose Oceansouth for high-quality oars and paddles for your trusty boat. We’ve assembled our fab four groups of oars and paddles that…

20 mei, 2022

Hoe kies je de juiste T-Top voor je boot?

Owning a boat is a pretty darned big investment that you’ll want to maximize for its entire lifespan. Whether you’re fishing, enjoy spending sunny days out at the harbor, or…

13 mei, 2022

Het belang van motorhoezen & onze beste keuzes

Surely as a responsible boat owner, you’ve invested adequately into the protection of your beloved boat. Now, whether that’s indoor storage in a secure facility, moored…

5 mei, 2022

4 essentiële vaaraccessoires voor dit voorjaar

The right accessories can help you stay cool and healthy while keeping your boating gear nice and protected. Here is a quick look at some of the best boating accessories to get for your boat this spring.

20 maart, 2022

7 geschenken die booteigenaren deze kerst graag zouden willen krijgen

The festive season is here and figuring out what to buy for certain loved ones isn’t always that easy. Here is a list of boat accessory suggestions.

20 december, 2021